Luke Sargeant
Comic / Compere / Writer / Funnym'n
up and coming gigs
27th March 8pm Gladiators final
13th Feb 8PM Submarine comedy
20th December 8PM Comedy Combo
5th December 8PM Ski Lodge Plymouth
4th December 8PM Riproar
3rd December 8PM AMWIAB - Greenbank
30th November 8pm Oppo
27th Nov 8PM Wardrobe comedy (MC)
24th November 8PM Bunch of Japes
20th November 8PM Comedy Carousel (Cardiff Glee)
17th November 8PM Bunch of Japes
13th Nov 8PM Wardrobe comedy (MC)
10th November 8PM Bunch of Japes
6th November 8PM Comedy Avengers
30th Oct 8PM Wardrobe comedy (MC)
16th Oct 8PM Wardrobe comedy (MC)
13th Oct 6:45 Leicester Square Theatre Comedy Competition
12th Oct 7:30 Laughing horse new act
2nd Oct 8pm Wardrobe comedy
28th Sept 8pm Lilicos Barnstaple
6th sept 8pm Comedy combo
4th sept 8:30pm Moonrakers
1st sept 8pm Komedia, bath
19th Aug 19:30 Piste off gong, Cardiff
8th Aug 6:30 Big night out
6th Aug 8pm Blackhole comedy
4th Aug 8pm Bulb Comedy
1st August 8pm Comedy gladiators
31st July 8pm Porter cellar, Bath
28th July 8pm Smoke and Mirrors
20th July 1-2PM Harbourfest
14th July 8pm Revs, Bath (Knock knock)
3rd July 8PM Competition
2nd July 8PM Comedy @ the Greenbank, Easton
18th June 8PM A man walks into a Bar...
15th June 1PM Chandos Road Fun Day
12th June 8PM Howling Hoss
8th June 7:30 Ben Glassman comedy
25th May 7:30 Oppo
24th May 8pm UN charity gig
23rd May 8PM Run to the sun
21st May 8PM A man walks into a Bar...
15th May 8PM Wardrobe comedy (MC)
14th May 8PM Fringe Cafe
11th May 12:00 Trinity centre fun day (MC)
5th May 8PM Huzzah comedy
12th Feb 8pm Submarine comedy club
13th December 8PM Christmas Cracker Comedy
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